Advertising Albemarle and its Products


We have a responsibility to represent our Company fairly and accurately, to inform our customers how to correctly handle our products and to maintain our reputation through consistent use of our brand.
  • We advertise the Company and its products with accuracy and integrity.
  • We comply with all applicable product regulatory laws in relation to our advertising and marketing.
  • We respect the data privacy rights of people who receive advertising material and other communications from us.
  • We do not negatively comment on competitors or other third parties in our advertising.

Our Code Principles in Action



Albemarle competes with third parties in several different ways and each falls into its own category of competitor. The competitor categories include:

Producers and resellers of competing products

Albemarle competes with other producers of lithium, bromine and catalyst products. This includes companies like FMC, Tianqim SQM, Grace, BASF, Lanxess and ICL.

Albemarle also competes with companies engaged in the resale or trading of lithium, bromine and catalyst products, whether those products are produced by Albemarle or a third-party.

Procurement of goods, services and land

The list of Albemarle competitors in the procurement market is potentially much broader than speciality chemical producers.

For example, Albemarle might compete with contractors such as Wood for the procurement of vehicles suitable for our sites.

Broader still is the class of competitors for accounting and legal services, which nearly all companies procure to varying degrees.

Hirers of employees and contractors

Albemarle also competes with a broad range of companies in recruitment and remuneration of employees and contractors