Creating, Protecting & Enforcing our Intellectual Property


All intellectual property created during the course of work for Albemarle, or otherwise based on Albemarle’s information, belongs to Albemarle. Such intellectual property is a Company asset and must be used, protected and disclosed appropriately. We must similarly respect the intellectual property of others.

  • We collaborate with transparency to develop intellectual property for the Company and take appropriate steps to protect it.
  • We monitor for the unauthorized use of our intellectual property by others.
  • We respect the intellectual property of others, and only use it when authorized to do so and in accordance with such authorization.
  • We only disclose non-public Albemarle intellectual property to third parties, or to other Albemarle employees, if authorized to do so.
  • We use Albemarle’s intellectual property only for the benefit of Albemarle.
  • We use Albemarle’s trademark or brand only as authorized.

Our Code Principles in Action


Crown Jewel Information

Data containing information where unauthorized access or distribution can cause material loss and significant harm to the company. The following categories are considered crown jewels:

  • conception records;
  • lab notebooks;
  • research & development documentation;
  • research & development project reports;
  • experimental results;
  • product and process know-how;
  •  partner IP;
  • custom built models; and
  • manufacturing knowhow.
Intellectual Property

includes intangible assets such as processes, compositions of products, other technologies, customer lists, production strategies, and the like, which are trade secrets known only to Albemarle, and provide Albemarle with a competitive advantage. Patents, copyrights and trademarks, which Albemarle has the right to exclude others from using, are also intellectual property. Any aspect of daily operations at Albemarle, in an office lab or manufacturing facility, should be considered to be Albemarle’s intellectual property.