Engaging in Personal Political Activity


We respect the right of our employees to participate in the political process, through personal contributions or by volunteering their personal time to candidates or organizations of their choice. Such participation is entirely a matter of personal choice and is encouraged, provided it does not affect an employee’s work or involve the use of Company assets and resources.
  • We do not engage in personal political activity on the Company’s time or involve the use of any Company assets or resources.
  • We do not reimburse an employee for his or her personal political contributions.
  • We make it clear we are not representing Albemarle when engaging in personal political activity.

Our Code Principles in Action

  • Discuss your plan to seek or accept a role in public office with your supervisor, and register the activity in accordance with the Code (Managing Conflicts of Interest).
  • Follow the Code (Using Social Media) if you are contemplating engaging in personal political activity on social media.