Making Charitable Donations


Charitable donations are a way for Albemarle to contribute to worthy causes and are consistent with our Core Value of Care. To address fraud and corruption concerns, we seek to ensure that such funds are paid to the authorized recipient and spent in accordance with our charitable intent.

  • We make charitable donations to promote, among other causes, education, health, social, wellness and cultural and veteran initiatives.
  • We make charitable donations with transparency, in accordance with applicable laws and with no expectation of anything in return.
  • We do not offer or provide charitable donations directly or indirectly with the intent to improperly influence any person (including a government official) in order to gain business or an improper advantage.
  • We do not make charitable donations to inappropriately benefit ourselves or our spouse, partner, relatives, friends or associates.
  • We make no charitable donations to organizations whose goals are incompatible with our Core Values or would otherwise damage our reputation.

Our Code Principles in Action

  • Ensure that the charitable donation is paid to the authorized recipient; used for the approved purpose; supported by a receipt; in line with any local tax requirements and booked to an appropriate GL account.
  • In accordance with this Code (Managing Conflicts of Interest) discuss with your supervisor and register the conflict if:
    • you, your spouse, your partner or your relative is involved in an organization to which you have requested, or have been asked to authorize, a charitable donation be made on behalf of Albemarle or an Albemarle Foundation; or
    • you intend to accept an appointment of the board of a charity in relation to which the duties may conflict with your work at Albemarle.



An individual’s spouse or spousal equivalent; the individual’s and the spouse’s grandparents, parents, siblings, children, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and the spouse or spousal equivalent of any of these people; or anyone who shares the same household.