Managing Business Expenses


Working for Albemarle often requires travel and other activities that involve incurring business expenses. Such expenses must be incurred for legitimate business purposes only and accurately recorded.

  • We use corporate credit cards or Company purchasing cards only for permitted types of business expenses.
  • We submit our expense claims honestly, accurately and on time.
  • Our expense claims include reasonable detail and complete supporting documentation.
  • We carefully review the expense claims of our team, and only approve those within our financial approval authority.
  • We do not authorize our own expenses or the expenses of a more senior employee.
  • We do not submit false, incomplete or misleading expense claims.

Our Code Principles in Action

  • Complete a corporate credit card application form (available on the Travel Department site), and obtain approval from your supervisor, if you anticipate traveling on business, or otherwise incurring frequent business expenses in your role.
  • Use your corporate travel & expenses credit card only on those expenses permitted by the Business Expense Guidelines.
  • Use Company purchasing cards in accordance with the Purchasing Card Policy.
  • Only use your personal credit card when your corporate credit card is not accepted.
  • Only use cash when credit cards are not accepted, or for paying reasonable tips.
  • Cash withdrawals using a corporate travel & expenses credit card are only possible for cards issued in certain countries. Only withdraw cash using such a card in emergencies, and personally reimburse the card issuer for any cash not used to pay for business travel expenses.
  • Ensure business expenses are correctly classified in accordance with the Business Expense Guidelines.
  • In accordance with the Gifts & Hospitality Policy accurately record the names of all recipients of gifts, meals, hospitality and anything else of value from Albemarle in the relevant expense claim.
  • Submit claims for reimbursement as soon as they appear in Concur, and no later than 10 days from the previous cycle date to prevent delinquency fees.
  • Submit supporting receipts for all expenses, as advised by your local finance team.
  • Personally pay for any late fees or interest caused by the late submission of your expense claim.
  • Carefully review the expense claims of your team, including supporting receipts, and any expenses that are flagged for attention by Concur, the Travel Department or Global Ethics & Compliance.
  • Only authorize expenses within your financial approval authority.