Managing Your Team


Albemarle leaders take personal accountability for the performance of their teams. Our leaders are responsible for fostering a positive, team-oriented environment that allows each employee to achieve their full potential.  

  • We lead by example, demonstrating behaviors that are consistent with our Core Values.
  • We support and encourage the health, safety and well-being of our team.
  • We comply with all applicable labor, immigration, equal opportunity, data privacy laws, regulations and rules.
  • We believe in the freedom of our employees to join a trade union, and we comply with all works council agreements.
  • We frequently discuss, and hold our teams accountable to our Core Values and this Code.
  • We are responsible for creating an environment that is open and inclusive, and we value diversity of thought, experiences and cultures.
  • We ensure our team members have the knowledge, skills and resources to perform their work safely, correctly and in accordance with the Core Values and this Code.
  • We set clear, challenging but realistic goals that do not encourage employees to act in violation of our Core Values or this Code.
  • We treat our team members fairly and with respect. We do not harass, humiliate, bully or otherwise intimidate members of our team.
  • We promote our employees based on an individual’s skills, qualifications, performance and other factors related to a job’s specific needs.
  • We make decisions on employee pay, promotion, discipline and termination in a fair, equitable and transparent manner.
  • We demonstrate humility by listening to team members who raise a concern and know what to do when concerns are raised.
  • We do not permit or ignore inappropriate conduct. We speak up and take appropriate action.
  • We do not tolerate retaliation against those who have the courage to speak up.


  • Review the performance of your team against the Core Values, and the applicable sections of this Code.
  • On a regular basis pick a Core Value or section from the Code of Conduct and talk to your team about it. Model behaviors that demonstrate our Core Values.
  • Ensure that your team promptly completes all training assigned to them.
  • Make employment-related decisions based on an individual’s abilities and merit, not personal characteristics unrelated to the job.
  • Maintain work weeks, rest periods, days off and benefits in accordance with local law.
  • Make reasonable accommodations to those employees with disabilities to help them perform their job, and as required by applicable law. Talk to your HR Representative or Legal if you have any questions about what is appropriate.
  • Carefully review the expense claims of your team (including supporting receipts) and any expenses that are flagged for attention by Concur, IBO Travel or Global Ethics & Compliance.
  • Follow the Code (Managing a Conflict of Interest) and notify your supervisor if a personal relationship develops between you and a direct or indirect member of your team.
  • Review conflicts of interest disclosed by your team, and ensure actions taken to mitigate the conflict are recorded in accordance with this Code (Managing a Conflict of Interest).
  • Contact HR, Global Ethics & Compliance or the Legal Department if an employee raises a Code of Conduct concern. Do not investigate the matter yourself (see guidance below).
  • Immediately report to Global Ethics & Compliance any suspected retaliation against an employee who has raised a Code of Conduct concern.
  • Consult with HR before disciplining or terminating an employee in accordance with the Discipline Policy.


What Should I Do if An Employee Raises an Ethics Concern?

You have a special responsibility to listen and act. Handling concerns appropriately is critical to preserving trust and protecting Albemarle. If someone raises a concern you should do the following:

  • Thank the person for having the courage to speak up.
  • Remove distractions and listen carefully.
  • Take notes, free of subjective opinion.
  • Respond respectfully and take every concern seriously, even if you disagree.
  • Assure the employee that you – or someone else – will follow up with them in relation to the matter.
  • Contact HR, Global Ethics & Compliance or Legal.



Any adverse action threatened or taken against a person because the individual has filed, supported, or provided information in connection with a complaint. An adverse action is one that would discourage a reasonable person from reporting an allegation or participating in an investigation.