Protecting The Environment


We minimize the environmental footprint of our operations through careful management of raw materials, supplies, natural resources, utilities and waste.
  • We comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, operating permits and our own environmental policies.
  • We immediately report any leak, spill, release or other environmental incident or near miss.
  • We comply with environmental reporting requirements with transparency and accuracy and engage environmental regulators with integrity.
  • We provide clear instructions and warnings on the appropriate handling, transportation, use and disposal of our products.
  • We seek to ensure our business partners follow appropriate environmental standards and practices.
  • We promptly investigate and share lessons learned from environmental incidents to increase awareness and minimize risk of recurrence.

Our Code Principles in Action

  • Assess the potential environmental risk of your work, or changes to your work.
  • Safely handle, transport and dispose of hazardous materials, products or waste in an environmentally-responsible manner.
  • Immediately report any potential or actual environmental risk or incident to your supervisor.
  • Seek cost or tax-saving opportunities that may be gained by adopting energy-efficient equipment and practices.
  • Seek opportunities to minimize noise, odor or visual nuisances that may impact our neighbors.
  • Ensure vendors for waste handling are properly certified to provide such services.
  • Verify the accuracy of any environmental reports being submitted to government agencies.
  • Vendors who report to or otherwise engage with environmental agencies on our behalf are considered Compliance Sensitive Vendors. Obtain pre-approval in accordance with this Code (Selecting and Managing Vendors) and the Compliance Sensitive Vendor Procedure before using such a vendor.
  • Seek opportunities to minimize the use of energy and raw materials/natural resources and reduce the generation of waste and emissions in our operations.
  • Recycle where feasible.


Compliance Sensitive Vendors

Vendors who:

  • you know, or suspect, are directly or indirectly owned by a government official or a close relative of a government official;
  • will, or may, engage with a government official with or on behalf of Albemarle; or
  • are recommended by a government official (including employees of a state-owned enterprise).