Using Company Assets & Resources


Our business performance is dependent on the appropriate use, protection and care of the Company’s assets and resources.

  • We use Company assets and resources carefully, efficiently and for their intended business purpose.
  •  We spend Albemarle’s funds with diligence, the appropriate authorization and within budget.
  • We do not use or dispose of Company assets or resources for personal gain.
  • We limit our personal use of Company assets and resources and ensure such use does not interfere with our work.
  • We do not permit unauthorized access to Albemarle sites or systems.
  • We take appropriate precautions to prevent damage, misuse or theft of Company assets and resources.
  • We respond appropriately and safely to any perceived risks or threats to Company assets and resources.

Our Code Principles in Action

  • Obtain supervisor approval before destroying, selling, lending or donating Company assets and resources, and document such activity where required.
  • Follow the Code (Offering or Accepting Gifts & Hospitality) if the donation or provision of Albemarle assets or resources to a third-party could be considered something of value to the third- party.
  • Obtain supervisor approval before providing company assets, or access to such assets, to contractors, vendors and other business partners.
  • Do not provide your security pass, your computer user account password or other security credentials to another Albemarle employee or third-party.
  • Immediately report any theft, unauthorized destruction, inappropriate use or perceived threat to Albemarle assets or resources to your supervisor, site security or the police.


Assets & Resources

Tangible property such as Albemarle sites, vehicles, machinery, tools, IT and communication systems, and money, as well as intangible property including intellectual property, knowhow, confidential information of the company and even the time employees are paid to work