Social Media


Social media offers us a chance to connect and share content about Albemarle with the online community. We protect Albemarle’s reputation through posting on social media with care, humility, integrity and transparency.

  • We promote productivity by refraining from using social media during work hours, except when used for business purposes.
  • We do not post vulgar, obscene, threatening, intimidating, recklessly false, or harassing content, content portraying us as appearing to engage in illegal conduct, or content that disparages Albemarle’s products or services or its employees, customers, vendors or competitors.  
  • We respect the Company’s proprietary information, and the privacy of our colleagues and others when posting information, images or video on social media.
  • We do not post the personal data of our employees or customers on social media.
  • We do not use social media applications for proprietary or sensitive work-related communication.


  • Ensure your social media profile is accurate, and transparent, as to your association with Albemarle.
  • Only certain designated individuals are permitted to use or access official Albemarle social media accounts and only those individuals may speak on behalf of Albemarle.
  • Follow the applicable terms, conditions and rules of social media websites and applications.
  • To protect your co-workers’ and Albemarle’s proprietary and confidential information, and to maintain a workplace free of harassment, obtain approval from Corporate Communications before posting photos or videos of Albemarle operations on social media.
  • Obtain the approval of other employees, contractors or site visitors before posting photos of them on social media.
  • When posting on personal social media, and where appropriate, make it clear that they are your own opinions and do not reflect the position of Albemarle.
  • We remove posts, photographs, and other files from others’ posts, where we have the power to do so, where those posts violate these code principles.

Are you intending to post on social media about Albemarle?

When posting on social media, you should always use common sense and consider the following:
  • Is your post in accordance with our Core Values?
  • Is the post clear and accurate?
  • How might your post be perceived by the public, given the nature of the post and your position at the Company?
  • Does the post contain information, images or video that are the proprietary information or intellectual property (e.g. trademarks, patents, copyrights (including logos)) of Albemarle or other third parties?
  • Does the post contain information regarding Albemarle’s strategy or future intentions?
  • Are you authorized to use the photos or other types of images in the post?
  • Could the post undermine the personal security or safety of you or others?