Working Safely and Looking After Your Health


We care for the health and well-being of employees, contractors, visitors and our host communities. We are committed to ensuring that everyone goes home safe and healthy every day.
  • We operate our sites in accordance with all applicable health and safety laws, in addition to our Life Saving Rules, policies and requirements.
  • We expect our contractors, suppliers and visitors to our sites to follow our health and safety requirements.
  • We take personal responsibility for our own health, safety and well-being. We lead by example.
  • We look out for the safety of our colleagues, others, and intervene where necessary to keep them safe.
  • We demonstrate a visible commitment to safety by engaging and empowering employees through the allocation of leadership time, attention and resources.
  • We take personal responsibility for working safely by completing required training and taking proactive steps to identify and prevent workplace-related injuries and illnesses.
  • We only perform work that we are authorized, qualified and trained to perform.
  • We do not commence or continue a task if the work cannot be performed safely.
  • We deal with safety issues honestly and openly and encourage people to speak up.
  • We look out for the safety of our colleagues, and intervene where necessary to keep them safe.
  • We report all incidents, injuries, near-misses and non-compliance with applicable safety regulations.
  • We listen to others who raise safety concerns and do not retaliate against anyone for speaking up.
  • We promptly investigate and share lessons learned from health and safety incidents to increase hazard awareness and minimize risk of recurrence.
  • We report all incidents, injuries, near-misses and non-compliance with applicable safety regulations.
  • We only commence work if we are adequately fit, sufficiently rested and free from the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, exhaustion or medication that impairs our ability to work.
  • The Company reserves the right, where legally allowed, to conduct random and for-cause inspections and drug/alcohol testing.
  • Tobacco use is permitted only at Albemarle sites which have designated smoking areas.
  • We deal with physical and emotional health issues honestly and openly, and encourage employees to speak up and raise concerns.
  • We take steps to protect the privacy of health-related data that we maintain on employees.

Our Code Principles in Action

Safety On-Site

  • Follow the applicable law, standards and procedures for your site.
  • Follow the Albemarle Life Saving Rules.
  • Begin each shift at a production site with a safety tailgate discussion.
  • Identify, assess and manage potential safety risks before commencing work.
  • Obtain, read, understand and follow the instructions on the Material Safety Data Sheet for all substances that you handle.
  • Ensure that your team, contractors and visitors are aware of the site’s emergency procedures and practice and train on these at an appropriate frequency.
  • Ensure proper routine maintenance is performed on buildings, machinery and equipment.
  • Properly evaluate the HSE impacts of changes to our work, including work instructions, operating conditions, and physical assets.
  • Conduct a health and safety risk assessment, where appropriate, of prospective vendors in accordance with the Global Procurement Policy.
  • Take the HSE training required of you, and ensure that your team take their training.
  • Immediately stop your work, and the work of others, if you see a safety or health risk.
  • Speak to your supervisor, or HSE, if you have any concerns about your or a colleague’s fitness for work or ability to carry out assigned work safely.
  • Immediately report any accident, injury, illness, unsafe or unhealthy condition, spill or release of material to the environment to your supervisor and HSE.

Safety On-The-Move

  • Hold the handrail when on stairs.
  • Follow local traffic laws, wear your seat belt, keep within speed limits, and do not use mobile phones while driving or walking.
  • Follow this Code when Traveling on Business, and book travel to ensure that you report to work in your host location well rested.
  • Travel safely, and obtain approval before traveling to high risk countries, in accordance with this Code (Traveling on Business).

Medication, Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco

  • Understand the potential side effects before taking medication and commencing work. Contact Human Resources if you are unsure as to whether you should be working whilst taking your medication.
  • Promptly attend any required drug and alcohol testing.
  • Contact Human Resources for support and rehabilitation if you believe you have an alcohol or drug dependency.
  • Only use tobacco, including e-cigarettes, in designated areas.